Ruthann Fox-Hines, Ph.D.


Healing the Wound: Recovering from Loss

HEALING THE WOUND is based on workshops Dr. Fox-Hines conducts for people who have experienced major losses in their lives—whether those losses be the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, the loss of a job, illness or injury that causes massive changes in one’s lifestyle, or trauma such as rape that tears into our very beings. Dr Fox-Hines created the image of a wound as she dealt with her own grief and with clients’ grief. Most people understand that wounds need several forms of care in order to heal. Often they do not know that our often invisible emotional wounds also need several forms of care in order to heal.


This book takes the care needed for physical healing and shows how each of the steps in healing bodily wounds can be applied to often agonizingly painful wounds of the spirit. Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of caring for a wound: cleansing, applying ointment, bandaging, medication, stitches, rehabilitation, and dealing with scar tissue.


When writing HEALING THE WOUND, Dr. Fox-Hines realized that most people going through major losses are not up to reading scholarly and lengthy texts. She, therefore, purposefully kept what she had to say simple and brief. She also thought that using the metaphor of a physical wound would make developing a healing plan easier; for example, if you know that washing a wound is necessary, then when you find yourself crying you can label it washing and cleansing—not something to be embarrassed about.


Dr. Fox-Hines also realized that one plan does not fit all. We are all unique and need to tailor our healing process to fit what is best for us. So, what she does provide in this short book are guidelines, and in each chapter there are questions and/or exercises that might be useful in sorting through what would work for each individual. Most people can read through the whole book in a couple of hours; however, probably the best use of the book is to first do a quick read, and then to slowly focus on one or two chapters at a time, responding to the questions, doing the exercises and building a plan that fits with one’s own unique being and unique circumstances. Building a plan can provide a sense of being in control, something we often feel we have lost when we deal with death, injury, divorce, etc. We can know we are consciously moving along versus floating in a miasma of pain or numbness. At the end of the book, Dr. Fox-Hines offers a list of suggested readings, mostly resources that have been of help to her personally, to her clients, and to participants in her workshops.

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