Ruthann Fox-Hines, Ph.D.

About Dr. Fox-Hines


Dr. Ruthann Fox-Hines served as a therapist/counselor on the staff of the Counseling and Human Development Center, University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC) for over 30 years. During that time, Dr. Fox-Hines developed the Center’s Groups and Workshops Program and its Outreach Program.

She has recently retired from the University to focus on her private work as a speaker and workshop facilitator. She has provided training for many state agencies and to the US Department of Defense plus various businesses and non-profit agencies.

Her areas of expertise include interpersonal communications skills and intrapersonal skills such as “liking yourself,” forgiveness, and healing loss. She is also an expert in the area of stress management and priority setting and time management. Dr. Fox-Hines trains workshop participants in the skill of relaxation and imagery for healing and growth, and Dr. Fox-Hines especially enjoys the application of laughter and play to the areas of stress and healing.

Additionally, she has provided women with workshops on the issue of power and has spoken to mixed-gender groups on “The Power of Names.” Dr. Fox-Hines has published many articles and chapters on assertiveness. She has also published articles on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and on healthy relationships.


Counseling Psychologist, Therapist, Speaker, Trainer